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chinese drama list

adult chinese drama list ,Top 5 most romantic chinese dramas and their scenes

Top 5 most romantic dramas, list and names 

1 Unforgettable love - year 2021 starring Wei zhe Ming as Mr. He and Hu Yi Xuan. total episode 24

2 My Little Happiness - year 2021 starring Tang Xiao Tian as handsome doctor and Xing Fei . total episodes 28 .

 you can watch this drama on for free with english subtitles.

3 My Girlfriend Is An  Alien - year 2019 starring Bie Thassapak Hsu as Mr. Fang Leng and Wan Peng.

4 Perfect And Casual - year 2020 starring Wei Zhe Miles as Mr. Zhang Sinian and Xu Ruo Han as Yun Shu .total episodes 24 . you can watch all the episodes on youtube with english subtitles.

5 Once We Get Married -aired on tv 2021 starring Wang Yu Wen as Gu XIxi and Wang Zi Qi as President Yin Sichen .total episodes 24.

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